Member picking soil
Cleaning an in situ artifact

Members enjoy the full benefits of the best and latest information on finds and ongoing activities throughout the state.

Membership is on a calendar year basis. Applications made after October 31 of any year are automatically placed for the following year. Applications made prior to that receive all Quarterly Bulletins and Newsletters for the calendar year. For each membership, the Quarterly Bulletin and the ASV Newsletter are provided, mailed in March, June, September and December. Information about the Society's Annual Meeting held generally in October is also provided as well as other pertinent information.

Members are encouraged to join their local chapters (See our Local Chapters page). Chapters form the base for ASV activities and by joining a chapter, members can fully participate in meetings, surveys, digs, Certification, artifact processing, archival research or whatever research the member wishes.

Members receive:

  • 4 issues of the Quarterly Bulletin
  • All issues of the Society Newsletter for the year
  • Discounts on publications ordered from the ASV Press
  • Access to archeological field opportunities
Please fill out an application today! If payment is through PayPal, please fill out an application form and send it to the address at the bottom to ensure all information is provided.

Click here for the Word version of the combined printable Membership Application and Renewal Membership Application
Click here for the PDF version of the combined printable Membership Application and Renewal Membership Application

Membership options:

Active (single annual payment) $ 35.00 ($36.23 if renewed by PayPal)
Senior Citizen (age 65 or over) $ 25.00 ($25.88 if renewed by PayPal)
Student (full time under age 30) $ 15.00 ($15.85 if renewed by PayPal)
Junior (under age 17) $ 15.00 ($15.85 if renewed by PayPal)
Sustaining (single annual payment) $ 65.00 ($67.28 if renewed by PayPal)
Life (single initial payment) $450.00 ($465.75 if paid by PayPal)
Family member (any sponsor member category, each) $ 3.00
Institutional, U.S. (schools, libraries, museums, etc) $ 30.00 ($31.08 if renewed by PayPal)
Institutional, Non-USA (schools, libraries, museums, etc) $ 45.00 ($46.58 if renewed by PayPal)

Checks should be made payable to the Archeological Society of Virginia and sent to:

ASV Treasurer
Carl Fischer
1685 Sweet Hall Road
West Point, VA 23181

Membership in local chapters of the ASV is optional, but strongly encouraged and may require additional dues to be paid to the local chapter.  (Chapter dues are usually $10.00 to $20.00 per person). If you are a member of a local chapter of the ASV, please pay your state dues (as well as your chapter dues) to the treasurer of the local chapter. Click here for a ASV Chapter Map