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To establish and maintain a permanent ASV- Virginia Archeological Resource Center so as to continue the Society's role as a leader in the scientific study and preservation of Virginia's archeological resources through survey, excavation, curation, interpretation, and education.

Kittiewan Plantation in Charles City County was willed to the ASV through the generosity of William L. Cropper. Kittiewan realizes our goal of having a permanent center and base of operations. The Board of Directors and members of the Society are actively engaged in raising funds and directing the planning for operations and maintenance of the property. Kittiwan will house the Society's library, ASV Press and publications, laboratory facilities, display space, research collections, and archives.

The ASV Press operations alone have grown into a full time job currently utilizing all volunteer time. The Press is responsible for editing, printing, and distributing more than 3600 copies of the Quarterly Bulletin annually. In addition, Special Publication sales had more than doubled in four years (1992 - 1996). Revenue from publications more than doubled from 1992 to 1996 and has continued to grow. The ASV Press is also responsible for the editing, printing and marketing of these Special Publications which include over 45 publications on Virginia archeology. Please visit the ASV Press page on this site for a list of publications and ordering instructions.

In 1992, the Society began a fund-raising campaign to meet these goals. Concentrating on support from ASV members, the development fund has grown to over $100,000. The Development Fund was born as the ASV 2000 Fund, and in 1997, was renamed the Virginia Archeological Resource Center Development Fund. The change was made to more accurately describe the purpose of the Fund for potential donors. The initiation of solicitations from corporate donors is on-going. Also under investigation are other avenues for cooperative ventures with organizations sharing our interests.

The Society is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our correct legal title is: Archeological Society of Virginia. For personal contact, please write or call:

Bruce Baker
The Archeological Society of Virginia
P.O. Box 70395
Richmond, VA 23255-0395
(804) 829-2272