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Quarterly Bulletins (cumulative index and back issues)
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New Title!
Archeological Society of Virginia Quarterly Bulletin, 1940-2010
The Digital QB:
PDF and OCR'd and SEARCHABLE scans in PDF format of every Quarterly Bulletin from Vol 1 Number 1 to the December 2010 QB, available on a stick drive

To search the entire QB collection for any word, select the folder in which the QB's reside and type in the search term. The results will appear as the QB file in which the word appears. Clicking on that icon will show the word within the article. This works on any Mac, but on Windows it will only work from Vista onwards.

ASV Special Publication #44
Published 2012 in e-format, Stick drive, $25.00



New Title!
A Field Guide for Virginia Archaeology
(and the Middle Atlantic Region, in General):
A Practical Guide to a Dirty Business

by: Michael B. Barber, Ph.D.

ASV Special Publication #43; ISBN# 1-884626-46-7
Published 2010, 8.5x11", 61 pages, $15.00


The Jamestown Trilogy

Volume I "Pots, Pipes and Trashpits" published 2006. 252 Pages. Soft Cover. 8 ½ x 11 $40.00 members - $45.00 non-members

Volume II "Pottery, Projectile Points and Native People" published 2007. 251 Pages.

Soft Cover. 8 ½ x 11 $42.00 members - $48.00 non-members

Volume III "The Powhatan Indians of Virginia" published 2007. 320 Pages.

Soft Cover 8 ½ x 11 $45.00 members - $50.00 non-members

The trilogy is a compilation of articles taken from the ASV Quarterly Bulletins.

Each Volume Includes a Consolidated Bibliography.

Add $3.00 shipping and handling for first copy and $1.25 for each additional copy.

New! Pots, Pipes and Trashpits (ASV 2007 Trilogy)

Abbyville : A Complex of Archeological Sites in John H. Kerr Reservoir, Halifax County, Virginia (ASV No. 39) $26.00
Bioarcheological and Geophysical Investigation, The Soldiers Plot, Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, New Market, Virginia ASV No. 41) $23.00
Contributions to the Archeology of Southwestern Virginia(ASV No. 40) $22.00

Historical Archeology

New!Pots, Pipes and Trashpits (ASV 2007 Trilogy)
The Archaeology of 19th-Century Virginia (ASV No. 36) $28.00
The Archaeology of 18th-Century Virginia (ASV No. 35) $28.00
The Archaeology of 17th-Century Virginia (ASV No. 30) $28.00
Treasures from Jamestown (ASV No. 7) $9.00
Archeological Excavations at Jamestown, Virginia (ASV No. 32) $37.00
The Archaeology of Shirley Plantation (ASV No. SP) $24.00
The Archives Survival Guide, 2nd Edition (ASV No. 37) $14.00
An Easy Identification Guide and Typology for Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Bottles (ASV No. 42) $15.00

Native American Lifeways

Young Pocahontas in the Indian World (ASV No. YP) $10.00
First People: The Early Indians of Virginia (ASV No. FP) $13.00

Upland Archeology, East Series
All Seven Symposia

  • Symposium #1 (1981):
    • Prehistoric site models for ridge and valley areas (ASV No. 38-1) $26.00
  • Symposium #2 (1984):
    • Prehistoric resource exploitation, ceramic taxonomy, and external cultural influences. Historical topics range from research design to public archaeology. (ASV No. 38-2) $20.00
  • Symposium #3 (1987):
    • Cabinetmaking, charcoal manufacturing, and pottery are some of the historic industries examined. Prehistoric topics include rockshelter archaeology and pictographs. (ASV No. 38-1) $23.00
  • Symposium #4 (1990):
    • Prehistorians discuss subsistence strategies and lithic resource utilization. Among the historic topics explored are Civil War projectiles, sectionalism, and winter quarters. (ASV No. 38-4) $21.00
  • Symposium #5 (1992):
    • Topics range from megafauna to the October 2, 1864 Battle of Saltville, Virginia. Also explores farmsteads, pine tar manufacturing, and blacksmithing. Concludes with an ARPA case. (ASV No. 38-5) $16.00
  • Symposium #6 (1994):
    • Nineteenth-century agriculture, settlement, and industry topics presented include Kentland Plantation, Burrell Pharmacy, and rural milling. Prehistorians analyze Native American interaction between the Piedmont and the mountains. (ASV No. 38-6) $15.00
  • Symposia #7/8/9 (2005):
    • A combination of the three symposia. (ASV No. 38-7) $35.00

COVA Symposiums Synthesized
All Four Prehistoric Symposia

  • Paleoindian Research in Virginia: A Synthesis (ASV No. 19) $28.00
    • An excellent reference for 21st-century prehistorians. Chronology, lithic technology, material cultural, settlement patterns, and subsistence strategies are among the topics explored
  • Early and Middle Archaic Research in Virginia: A Synthesis (ASV No. 22) $28.00
    • Touching on cultural diversity and continuity within the region, this book contains eight papers (presented in 1989) exploring chronology, subsistence, technology, and settlement patterns.
  • Late Archaic and Early Woodland Resarch in Virginia: A Synthesis (ASV No. 23) $28.00
    • Eight papers (also from 1989) discuss various aspects of the formative transition in Virginia: material culture settlement patterns, paleoecology, ceramics, and subsistence. Virginia data is emphasized -- especially that gleaned from CRM reports.
  • Middle and Late Woodland Research in Virginia: A Synthesis (ASV No. 29) $28.00
    • Ranging across Virginia from uplands to Tidewater, this book contains 11 papers presented in 1990. Economics, cultural diversification, and settlement organization are examined -- along with ceramics, fortifications, and mortuary viability.

Lithics and Tools
ASV No. 31, 12, and EC

  • Clovis Technology in Virginia (ASV No. 31) $19.00
    • This publication presents a comprehensive analysis of the McCary Fluted Point Survey. A brief history of the discovery of the Paleoindian Clovis point (and its importance to prehistory) is combined with statistical analyses of physical characteristics.
  • Survey of Virginia Fluted Points (ASV No. 12) $31.00
    • In December of 1946, the Quarterly Bulletin urged ASV members to help "...make a tabulation of Virginia Folsoms..." Over 40 years' worth of the late Dr. McCary's articles on fluted points, Paleoindian artifacts, and their excavations are gathered together here. Filled with detailed drawings.
  • The Basics of Biface Knapping in the Eastern Fluted Point Tradition: A Manual for Flintknappers and Lithic Analysis (ASV No. EC) $20.00
    • An enthusiastic primer on the manufacture of bifaces. The author discusses and debates fluting techniques while providing step-by-step illustrations of successful and unsuccessful executions. Includes a comprehensive bibliography.

ASV No. 17, 15, and 34

  • A Guide to the Indentification of Virginia Projectile Points (ASV No. 17) $20.00
    • Chapters on lanceolate, notched, stemmed, and triangular points are included in this well-illustrated presentation on prehistoric points.
  • Dictionary of terms for American Prehistoric Projectile Points (ASV No. 15) $9.00
    • Lithic technology and points from Adena to Yadkin are defined in this nearly pocket-size reference. Many illustrations of specific points.
  • Prehistoric Axes, Celts, Bannerstones, and Other Large Tools in Virginia and Various States (ASV No. 34) $20.00
    • Abraders and axes, celts and chisels, hammerstones and hoes -- all are among the 32 classes of prehistoric macrotools in this photo- filled publication. The author also discusses the human activities associated with these tools.

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