Quarterly Bulletin and Newsletter

The Quarterly Bulletin of the Society publishes professional and avocational papers relevant to research in Virginia. The topics range from Paleo Indian Research through to the archaeology of the 20th century.

Thane Harpole is the ASV Quarterly Bulletin Editor. Articles for consideration for publication should be sent to:

Thane Harpole
Fairfield Foundation
P.O. Box 157
White Marsh, VA 23183
(804) 815-4467

The Newsletter of the Society publishes announcements, news, information, Chapter information and events information. Randolph Turner is the Newsletter Editor to whom items for consideration should be sent. Email transmissions are preferred, but when necessary for large files or other items, please mail items for consideration to:

Dr. E. Randolph Turner, III
122 Arena Street
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185

The ASV Press is responsible for editing, printing and distributing the Quarterly Bulletin. Our circulation has private, public library, institutional and governmental agency subscribers.


Digital Edition of ASV Quarterly Bulletins Available

ASV has completed the task of digitizing the entire run of Quarterly Bulletins from the beginning of the ASV in 1940 (with the first QB in 1942 and with a WWII hiatus) to 2015 with each one scanned and in searchable PDF format. The digital QB is available on an 8GB memory stick for $25.00 when purchased in person or $30.00 when mailed including postage and handling. Click here to order; or To download the form in PDF for orders Click Here

Past issues of the Quarterly Bulletin are available for purchase. If you are not a member, Click here. This will get you the current issues as well.

If interested, please contact:
Bruce Baker
Archeological Society of Virginia
P.O. Box 70395
Richmond, VA 23255-0395
(804) 829-2272